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Sustainability Baseline Analyzer

GovEVA Insight helps organizations carry out an assessment of their current ESG position as per global standards such as GRI, SASB, etc. The Baseline Assessment and Gap Analysis carried out in an objective and measurable manner helps in crafting the organization’s Sustainability Roadmap. The Digital Current State Assessment takes into account the organization’s size, industry sector, operating geographies, etc and generates a Gap Analysis Report that enumerates the areas where the enterprise needs to focus on to meet global standards. GovEVA facilitates discussions with key stakeholders to finalize the enterprise’s priorities, the setting of short-, medium- and long-term targets, the development of a strategic roadmap and adopting a pragmatic approach to achieving those targets keeping in mind the enterprise’s unique challenges and ground realities. The GovEVA platform helps enterprises program manage their entire sustainability journey with all the identified activities being digitally assigned, tracked, monitored and reported through the platform.

Digital ESG Baseline Assessment

Current State Baseline Assessment
System Generated Gap Analysis Report
Sustainability Roadmap
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Workflow for Program Management

Case Studies

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Has a footprint in 150+ countries. Due to their national and international presence, key stakeholder pressure and regulatory requirements compelled them to start their esg journey.


Comprising primarily of home care, beauty & personal care, and foods & refreshment segments. 9/10 households in india use one or more of their brands, turn over exceeding 1000 cr/annum.


The company has pathology labs and centers across the country, 3675 patient service centers, 175+ advanced clinical laboratories, 13+ regional labs.

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